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The Coffee Roasters, Guy and Cindy

The story behind the rooster roasters is short, but their passion with coffee goes way back when Guy was interested in the fine art of espresso and learning to be a barista. In 2005 he took up with Joe Van Goh and wanted to learn everything there was to roasting good quality coffee. He headed South to Hillsborough, North Carolina, "the coffee world" and learned to artisanally brew fine espresso.

In 2003 Guy and his wife Cindy, opened a tearoom in Prince Edward Island. Together they discovered the art to great tasting tea. They found themselves intrigued by a small roasting company on one of their road trips and this began the compelling desire to become a small, independent coffee roaster on the Island.

2001 veterans of operating a Bed and Breakfast, Guy and Cindy are pleased to be serving the freshest roasted coffee. Bringing great taste and quality to customers and tourism. We have "Something to Crow About!" The best tasting coffee on PEI.


Prince Edward Island is home to many fishermen, community farmers, artisans and tradespeople who take pride in making a legacy of hard work and devotion on a small Island. We want to grow in our community and share the passion we have in coffee roasting to bring you a great tasting cup.

Locally produced, prepared & packaged foods are fresher and get to you with a lower carbon footprint while contributing to the local community and economy.

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Our Roasts

Dark Harbour (dark roast)
This coffee can and will live up to its name. This is a bold, rich coffee taste with superb aroma and flavour and low acidity, never bitter. If you are not a dark roast coffee drinker I encourage you to stop in and test a cup, you will be glad you did.
Island Morning (Medium roast)
Similar to the Columbian beans the Brazil Santos is a moderately aromatic, medium bodied coffee with a rich and mellow flavour. Our coffee beans are fresh roasted on PEI in our store so you are guaranteed to get the freshest coffee taste. If you like a medium touch, our Island Morning roast is sure to be a good start to your day.
Maritime Medley (Medium/dark blends)
These beans create a moderately aromatic, medium bodied coffee with still a rich bodied flavour. Mellow flavoured,low acidity, yet a smooth finish in a coffee. This mix of beans forms a softer coffee taste with a well balanced medium flavour.
Anchors Away (Decaffeinated roast)
Decaffeinated Colombian coffee beans are processed using a method for maintaining more of the original flavor of the beans than many other methods. This is a pleasant balanced coffee with excellent flavor and great aroma. Roasted with light surface oil. Decaffeinated Colombian is a great choice for those who want consistently good tasting coffee with no unusual flavors, and no caffeine.
Ja Maka Me Crazy (Espresso roast)
Espresso is almost always a blended bean with some consecutive rules. The rule: an espresso blend must have a subdued acidity with a very heavy bodied taste but also be balanced between the bitter and acidic flavours to be sweet enough. Have you seen an espresso roast in a coffee shop? Almost always! the bean is roasted to a black bean with a shining oil. Wrong, wrong, wrong because an espresso should be a fine blend of beans particular to the roaster and range in colour from a milk chocolate dry colour to a dark chocolate coloured almost oil-shimmered bean to a slightly black and oily bean. Secret to a great shot; drip out the first 2 seconds of your shot.
Sumatran coffees are wet-hull processed and tend to have less acidity. You will enjoy a smoother, fuller-bodied cup. We roast our coffee darker to enhance its herbaceous flavours with roast-induced sweetness or a sense of richness..

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Cindy and I (Guy), the Roosters Coffee Roasters are so confident of the quality of beans we use and our knowledge of roasting small batch coffee that we promise you will enjoy your coffee. So stop by and try a cup on us!

Coffee Beans

Our green coffee beans are purchased through a Canadian based group of importers committed to quality and service by nurturing relationships with reliable coffee producers from around the world and have grown to become a leading importer of quality coffee in North America. In 2016, they completed their Organic Fair Trade certification, along with Rainforest Alliance and other certifications

Roasting Coffee

Soon after our beans arrive in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, we excitedly turn time and effort into roasting and blending. We process our beans in small lots. Coffee (and you!) deserve that we pay close attention to detail by putting the care and knowledge into roasting each small batch. All beans are roasted meticulously to coax the best potential flavour a bean has to offer.

Larger companies roast in large batches to increase efficiency. However, we feel that small batch roasting allows us to control quality to bring you the freshest roast possible. We strive for consistent roasting when caring for your coffee because we know the importance of customer care.

Now! There's Something to Crow About: Coffee!!

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